Piano day (1h 20m)

Mostly left hand practice, as I — as stupid as I am — injured my right while skateboarding 😕 Nothing serious, but just need to give it some rest for a week or so.

  • Comping practice (“A Night in Tunisia” by Dizzy Gillespie (slowed down significantly)
    • Playing with shell voicings in LH
    • Trying to follow the “minimum movement” principle and choose the voicings with that in mind
  • Cycle progressions
    • Cycling dominant 7th chords in 7-3-6 — 3-7-9
    • Cycling minor to dominant progression in 3-7-9 — 7-3-6


The last two were pretty boring practice sessions, but it will get better. I’ve also got in a habit of doing a track analysis and writing a couple of bars of bass solo, so that compensates for the temporary lack of fun in the actual routine 😃

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