About Me

That’s me in my compartment

What’s up folks! I’m Jan Vaschuk, composer, music producer and singer from Germany.

What would I do if I were stuck on a spaceship orbiting a giant black hole, suddenly learning that whole Earth population has disappeared due to some glitch in the new iOS release? I would practice piano and bass! This is what I do here — plus sometimes I share some theory hacks and cool exercises. And — because Earth is still there and I am actually not on a spaceship orbiting the black hole — you can check out my music and hit me up on socials if you feel social or check-out-my-music-y enough! Always good to see you!

Just in case — I also do some writing — like, fiction and verse libre kind of stuff. It’s mostly in non-Engish, but if you feel adventurous or would like to be surprised, you could also check it out here, in my fiction blog.

Take care—