Piano day (1h 30m)

  • Blues pentatonic scale in RH over 12-bar blues chord progression in LH: C-, F-, Bb-, D#-, G#- — 30m
    • 1 — 6, 1 — 5, 1 — 4, 1 — 3
    • 2-octave scale | 1-octave scale 8va | % | 1st pattern | % | 2-octave scale backwards
  • ii — V — I’s in major keys in shell voicings (7-3-5 — 3-7-9 — 7-3-5) through the cycle of 4th  (Dan Haerle, skill 40) — 40m
    • Slowly without click
    • With click at 80bpm quarters
  • Scales — 20m
    • All Phrygian scales around the circle of 5ths starting on E at 82bpm
    • All Dorian scales around the circle of 5ths starting on D at 82bpm


Applying Rich Brown’s idea from yesterday’s Q & A where he showed how he makes pentatonic scale practice less boring by playing interesting patterns, like doubling up some notes or playing additional scale degrees. It works! Otherwise taking 12-bar blues around the whole cycle could be pretty boring!

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