Bass day (1h 40m)

  • Chord tones (Phil Mann) — 1h
    • Major triads in all inversions through the cycle (44bpm calling the notes / 80bpm silently)
    • Minor triads in all inversions through the cycle (same)
    • Diminished triads: in root inversion (74bpm), in 1st and 2nd (without click)
  • Break
  • Walking bass lines (Scott Devine) — 40m
    • Bossa & Samba over Autumn Leaves in G-
    • Recap ii — V — I lines in G-, apply to Autumn Leaves in G-
    • R — 3 — P5 + chromatics + some ii — V — I patterns over new track (All Of Me by Gerald Marks)


ii — V — I patterns do really work! (Even when played not exactly over ii — V — I progression, they still do because of the very stable sound of it — well, assuming you’re not playing them to some crazy modulation). Also, talking about cycle of 4ths, here’s the Normal Human Version™ of it for diminished arpeggios practice (if you, like me, try to avoid double flats and weird things like Cb or Fb):

Cº | Fº | A#º | D#º | G#º | C#º | F#º | Bº | Eº | Aº | Dº | Gº

For minor I do play Bb- and Eb-, but that’s it for flat keys. Sorry Mr Wooten!

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