Bass player’s introduction to noise music

Just recently I have released a new piece that was initially written for the electric bass, but then somehow segued into the whole new world of noise music that I’ve been circling around for a long time.

First of all, here’s the score:

Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 10.05.07 PM.png

You can also take a listen to it here:

And / or watch a music video for it:

Finding passing sounds for your music is almost like scoring a moving image — only on a different level. Just like certain harmonies and modalities fit certain characters and scenes in a movie, there are very specific types of sounds that are appropriate for specific melodic figures and progressions. And if you find them, and process them, and strip them of the unnecessary parts, and put them exactly where they belong in your theme — you may end up with a whole new understory that complements the piece and adds a new dimension to it.

And after you’re done with this part, you can go ahead and add a visual, effectively leaving the three-dimensional world.

I’m definitely going to explore this realm further and keep you posted about it! 🤙🏻

Bass day (1h 45m)

Finally a bass session! 😃


  • Be My Love in C
    • Basic Latin (1-5, 3rds, some chromatic passages)

Scale studies

  • Harmonic minor in all keys
  • Harmonic minor dissection (bass variation): figure #1 — sheet music coming soon
  • Harmonic minor dissection (bass variation): figure #2


  • Hrabe etude #7

Pick + technique

  • Famous blues lines by Larry McCabe — figure #5 (C, D)


If there’s one thing in this multiverse that can make me instantly get back on my track and feel great again — it’s sight reading on bass. I was missing it so badly!



Bass day (1h)

Walking bass

  • Passing tones workout (walking over Worth the Wait while connecting chords over closest chromatic note)
  • Descending 7th chord arpeggio runs in different fingerings over Worth the Wait in D & E

Sight reading

  • John Patitucci — etude in Bb Major

Bass day (1h 40m)

Scale studies

  • Cycling Dorian alternating with Phrygian: focus on accidentals in each key

Chord tones

  • Extensions
    • 9ths over minor chords in all keys
    • Major 11ths in all keys (over major 7th chords)
    • Same with harmonic 10ths
    • Mixing harmonic 10ths with 11ths and 9ths (over minor chords)


  • Hrabe contrabass etude #5
  • John Patitucci, Melodic Etudes For Acoustic And Electric Bass — C Major