Bass day (1h 40m)

Walking bass / chord tones

  • All Of Me in C free run
  • 1st inversion + 2nd inversion over All Of Me (descending) — C, F


  • John Patitucci Etude in C Major
  • Hrabe #5 in Bb


When descending down the 2nd inversion from the 3rd (e. g. A7: C# — A—), if you can’t quickly figure out where to go next, it is safe to fall back to the 1st inversion and simply descend from the root (A in this case): A — G — E — C#.

Bass day (1h 20m)

  • Extensions
    • Recap m/M 6ths in all keys
  • Modal studies
    • Dorian runs in all keys
      • Focus on b3 & b7
      • Focus on M6
      • Combine + add P5 & P4
    • Mixo runs in all keys
      • Focus on ♮3 & b7
      • Focus on M6
      • Combine + add P5 & P4
  • Chord tones / walking bass
    • All inversions over standard (Worth the Wait) ascending, descending, octave above & below, add 6ths & 4ths occasionally

Bass day (1h 40m)

  • Technical
    • Hanon #6 in C & G major
  • Extensions
    • 6ths, 9ths and 11ths in all keys in 2-octave figure over cycle of 4ths
  • Chord tones / walking bass
    • All Of Me using root, 1st & 2nd inversions (no permutations this time)
    • Focus on chromatic passing tones
    • Applying extensions in 2-octave patterns

Bass day (1h 30m)

  • Chord tones / Walking bass
    • Major & minor 7th chords around the cycle of 4ths in all inversions, permutations used: 1-3-7-5, 3-1-7-5
    • Inverted arpeggios in permutations + “splits”: play first three tones in higher register, slide down to play the last one, start second arpeggio in lower register and slide back on the last tone, e. g.:
      • 1-3-7-5 permutation, 2nd inversion: C2 — E2 — B1 — G1 (D string) → F1 (D string) — A1 — E1 — C0 (E string) → Bb1 (D string) — D1… and so on around the  cycle of 4ths
    • Walking with inversions & permutations
      • A Beautiful Friendship in Eb (trying to stick to this standard for a while)