Piano day (2h 15m)

  • Voicing skills (1h)
    • Minor to dominant (7-3-5 to 3-7-9)
    • Minor to dominant (3-7-9 to 7-3-6)
    • Dominant to major (7-3-6 to 3-7-9)
    • Recap cycling major 7ths, minor 7ths and dominant (7-3-5 — 3-7-9 and backwards)
  • Modes of harmonic minor (1h)
    • 3rd mode of H. M.: harmonising in C (A harmonic minor)
    • Recap 1st and 2nd modes (key of C)
    • Improv in 2nd mode (key of C = Bb harmonic minor)
  • All harmonic minor scales with both hands is all keys (15m)

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