Piano day (1h 40m)

  • Improvisation (Dan Haerle — Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players)
    • Lesson 11: Blues progressions
      • F blues scale over 3 classic progressions (I — IV — V, 12-bar major and minor), shell voicings with LH
      • F blues scale + passing Mixo, Dor & H. M. scales over same progressions
      • C blues scale + passing modal scales over same progression in C
      • All scales used in progressions separately with both hands in 2 octaves


Just as I expected: running the scale and then immediately using it is the best way to make this process NOT boring. Just running scales is cool, but it only helps internalise the fingerings and does not really make them just pop out when you need them in the middle of the chord progression.

Bass reading (30m)

Reading a random contrabass etude just because I had some time for it 😄

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