Piano day (1h 30m)

  • Improvisation (Dan Haerle — Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players)
    • Improv over major II — V — I in C, F, Bb, G and D
    • Left hand voicings:
      • 3-7-9 — 7-3-6 — 3-6-9
      • 7-1-3-5 — 3-6-7-9 (yes, not 3-5-7-9!) — 7-1-3-5
    • Improv over minor ii — V — i in C- and F-
    • Left hand voicings:
      • 3-b5-7-9 — 7-b6-3-5 — 3-5-#7-9
      • 7-1-3-b5 — 3-5-7-b9 — #7-1-3-5


I’m so glad that I spent some time with Mr. Haerle’s other book “Jazz piano voicings” before staring with this one. He’s using shell voicings all the time, and I’m already somewhat familiar with them, so that helps me adopt the improvisation concepts much quicker.

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