Bass day (1h 30m)

  • Chord tones (Phil Mann)
    • Harmonising the major scale with 7th chords — all inversions, tried different positions on the fretboard C major (45m)
  • Walking bass lines — 45m
    • Jazz standards in Latin rhythms (Cha cha cha + The Preacher by Horace Silver)
    • 2-octave dominant walking bass line (b7 ascending, b7 & b6 descending) round the cycle of 4ths
    • Soloing practice over blues progession (mostly trying to use b7ths a and b6ths and avoid pentatonic patterns)


Chord formulas are wonderful! It’s so much easier to quickly see and play any inversion anywhere on the neck with any fingering when you know that it’s, for example, m3 + M3 + m2 (maj7 chord in 2nd inversion) and not root… third… fifth… 7th… Thanks Mr. Mann!

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