Bass day (2h 10m)

  • Chord tones (Phil Mann)
    • All triads / all inversions round the cycle — 20m
    • All 7th chords / all inversions round the cycle — 20m
    • Harmonising the major scale with 7th chords — root inversions (20m)
  • Walking bass lines (Scott Devine) — 30m
    • Improvised bass line over jazz standard (The Preacher by Horace Silver)
    • Soloing over (slightly modified) 12-bar blues progression trying enclosures and chromatic passing tones
  • RealLifeReading™ — LOL — just picking up a random sheet with a bass transcription for a popular / jazz song and trying to fluently play and / or learn as much as possible within 30 minutes’ time. I think it’s a bit closer to the real life sight reading situations than endlessly going over contrabass etudes. Hence the name

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