Bass day (1h 20m)

  • Chord Tones (Phil Mann) — 40m
    • All triads in all inversions without stopping around the cycle (70bpm)
    • All 7th chords in all inversions without stopping around the cycle (70bpm)
    • Special focus on dominant and dimishied 7th chords
  • Break
  • Random reading / quick part learning excercise: Coldplay — In My Place — 40m


Although I haven’t been sight reading too much recently, my skill didn’t noticeably deteriorate, which is fortunate! Also,  picking up a random song transcription and learning as much of it as you can within half an hour feels much better (and actually closer to real session circumstaces) than forcing yourself to sit down for the same half an hour and read contrabass etudes or walking bass lines (which I did for a long time, causing a lot of frustration, although it is also a wonderful exercise). Yikes, another routine improvement!

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