Bass day (1h 30m) 

Eh, what was that? I skipped two days of practice which I could have explained with being busy producing my tracks and recording bass for other people, but that would’ve been just an excuse as there’s always time for at least 30m practice session. So, I just bailed, let’s admit it. Back on track now.

  • Chord tones (Phil Mann)
    • All triads (major / minor / diminished / augmented) in all inversions around the cycle of 4ths — 30m
  • Walking bass lines (Scott Devine)
    • Dominant 2-octave walking bass line exercise over cycle progression in all keys —30m
    • Cha cha cha pattern over jazz standard (Nardis by Miles Davis in E-) — 30m


Practicing whatever and for any amount of time is always better than curling up in your bed, declaring yourself powerless and feeling miserable just because you had a bad day. I tried it, it works.

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