Piano day (1h 30m)

  • Harmonising the C major scale with modes & studying the MATH behind the modes
    • All major modes for the key of C harmonised with 7th chords (Ionian thru Locrian): LH plays 7th chord, RH plays intervals: 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, octave and back
    • All major modes for the key of D
    • Same for E, F and G — and then I ran out of time :)


That’s such a cool exercise! Along the way I also found some cool maths that help recall the number of b’s or #’s for each key in each mode more quickly. For example, if you pick a major scale, take a flat 6 of it and run a scale from that b6 in reverse parallel to your major scale (starting on the same note), you will get all the references for your modes. E. g. for the key of D:

D E F# G A B (flat 6: Bb) C#

Bb scale running in reverse starting on D against the mode order (derived from C Major scale) starting on Ionian:

D (Ionian) — D

D (Dorian) — C: C major has no accidentals, so has D Dorian

D (Phrygian) — Bb: Bb major has bb, so has D Phryigan

D (Lydian) — A: A major has ###, so has D Lydian

D (Mixo) — G — G major has #, so has D Mixolydian

D (Aeol) — F — you got the idea

D (Locrian) — Eb

Of course it’s better to just use the mode formula, like, Dorian has b3 and b7 and therefore D Dorian is… er… Right, no accidentals at all, lol. But sometimes this way feels a bit quicker for me, but then again I’m just terrible at math!

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