Bass day (1h 40m)

  • Chord Tones (Phil Mann) — 30m
    • Major triads in all inversions without stopping around the cycle, saying all notes out loud (44bpm eighth triplets), silently (80bpm eighth triplets)
    • Minor triads in all inversions — same
  • Break
  • Walking bass lines (Scott Devine) — 1h
    • Recap all major and minor ii — V — I patters and shapes in G-
    • Applying them to Autumn Leaves in G-
    • Same in Eb-
    • Also occasionally throwing in ghost notes (didn’t really work all the time, must practice them separately)
  • Soloing over Autumn Leaves in Eb-


If you’re frustrated with something (like transposing all ii — V — I shapes from G- to Eb-), sometimes the (pretty counterintuitive) way to overcome frustration is actually to keep doing this thing with an extra effort, but try to look at it from a different perspective for a moment (for example, in my case I stopped thinking how to move the shape and thought about the scale degrees that it comprises) — and then suddenly it might start to work.

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