Piano day (1h)

  • Improvisation
    • Chromatic progressions (“Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players” by Dan Haerle)
      • Mixolydian scales over dominant 7th chords in shells in all keys
      • Dorian scales over minor 7th chords in shells in all keys
    • Melodies (reading a couple of examples from book II of “Jazz Improvisation”)
      • Repetition
      • Transposition
      • Exercise 1: dominant run around the cycle of 4ths
      • Exercise 2: Dorian run around the cycle of 4ths
      • Motive inversion
    • Recap Lydian pentatonic & minor blues scale in all keys

Piano day (1h 40m)

  • Jazz voicings
    • ii — V —I’s (major & parallel minor over IV) in all keys, inverted arpeggios / inversions with LH
    • Major & minor 7th chords around the cycle in all inversions
  • Comping
    • Using shells & chord scales over a standard (Worth the Wait in F)
      • Mixo scale over dominant chords
      • Dorian & minor blues over minor
      • Lydian pentatonic over major

Piano day (1h 30m)

  • Improvisation
    • Minor pentatonics in all keys (cycling over m7 chords)
    • Major pentatonics in all keys (cycling over maj7 chords)
    • Superimposing pentatonics (in all keys around the cycle)
      • VII over I, vi over i
      • V over I, v over i
      • iii over I, III over i
    • Minor blues scale improv in all keys broken in 2 octaves
  • Modal studies
    • Dorian 7th arpeggios (asc / desc) in C, F & Bb
    • Dorian 7th arpeggios + shells (7-3-5 over asc, 3-7-(#)9 over desc)

Piano day (2h)

  • Modal studies
    • Modes of Melodic minor (all modes in C, without click, just getting familiar)
    • Harmonisation
      • Melodic minor (1st mode)
      • Dorian b2 (2nd mode)
    • Mixing / borrowing
      • Mixing Dorian with Dorian b2 (in the parent key of C)
        • i7 — IV7 / i7 — IV7 — bIImaj7+5
  • Imporvisation
    • Minor Bebop scale over Dorian progression with b2 (IVmaj7 — i7)
    • Exotic scale study
      • Lydian pentatonic (in C)
      • Mela Vagadhisvari (Minor Bebop without passing tone, in fact — it’s just the name that makes it sound fancy 😆)


Next time, I need to equally geek out on bass 🤓