Bass day (1h 30m)

  • Scale studies
    • Scale dissection
      • Lydian pentatonic: R, #4, 5
      • Major blues: R, 2-b3-3, 6, 5
      • Minor blues: R, b3-4-#4, 5, 7
    • Cycling scale degrees
      • Minor blues: b3, 4, 5 (above), b3, 5, 4 (below)
  • Walking bass / chord tones
    • Voice leading / connecting inversions with passing tones (Phil Mann exercise) over All of Me in G

Bass day (1h 30m)

  • Scales studies
    • Linking shapes (Scott exercise)
      • All Aeolian scales in V position
      • All Ionian scales in I position (recap)
    • Minor blues scale permutations
    • Scale dissection
      • Minor blues: R, b7 (above & below), b3, 4
      • Major blues: R, 2, 6 (above & below), 5
      • Lydian pentatonic: R, #4
    • Applying scale tones over I — VI7 — ii — V7 in all keys
  • Reading melodies
    • Afro Blue (from Real Book in bass clef)
    • Hrabe etude #4 (in Bb)


New exercise! I try to test different approaches to scale fluency, and this time I decided to take the scales that I’m currently actively working on on piano and focus on particular degrees, playing them above as well as below the root. In my opinion, it should really help to achieve fluency in any given scale regardless of the position on the fretboard where you happen to be when you need to apply it. It is especially cool with pentatonics, because their nature kind of encourages you to use pattens and it’s very easy to get caught in the box shapes slavery. I’m using Phil Mann’s permutation approach to twist the scale like a want and also Todd Johnson’s “above / below” trick. Also trying to sync my bass and piano routines to make practice overall more productive. How am I doing, Mr. Devine? Am I organised enough? :lol:

Bass day (1h 45m)

  • Scale studies
    • Linking shapes (Scott exercise)
      • All Dorian scales in I position
      • All Ionian scales in I position
    • Minor blues scale permutations + shapes in all keys
    • Same for major blues and Lydian pentatonic
    • Apply to Imaj7 — VI7 — ii — V7 (Lydian pentatonic over maj7, major blues over dominant and minor blues over m7)
  • Quick pick practice
  • Reading melodies
    • A Night In Tunisia (recap)

Bass day (1h)

  • Scale studies / piano catch-up / vocabulary
    • Minor blues scale starting with low b7 in all keys
    • Major blues scale (same)
    • Lydian pentatonic (same)
  • Walking bass
    • Applying pentatonics (major & minor blues for 7 & m7 chords respectively, Lyd pentatonic for maj7) to a jazz standard
    • When not able to find passing chord scale quick enough, playing a 2nd inversion (from root down, easy, right?)
    • “Scale permutations” — i. e. starting on minor blues on b7 or playing from 5th down when connecting chords
  • Reading melodies
    • A Night In Tunisia (several times, no click)