Practice session: search for the melodic minor DNA

Scale studies

  • All Melodic minor scales
  • Imrpov in Mm / finding DNA
  • D Dorian b2 (Mm mode #2): dissection in groups of 3 over harmonised scale — sheet music soon 🤖
  • A Dorian b2 (A normal Dorian in descending motion) over harmonised scale

Left hand


Yes, ascending melodic minor is an extremely dissonant scale. I mean, it’s in the nature of it: it’s literally major and minor sewn together, how can it not be dissonant! But, as always, somewhere in the middle of all this harshness, there’s an undulating beauty, its DNA, so magnificent and fragile that it compensates all the clashing around it. I just have to find it 🤓

Session timing: 2h

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