Piano day (1h 40m)

Scale studies

  • All Lydian scales
  • All Ionian scales
  • Scale dissection: C#, F#, A Phrygian over moving minor arpeggios

Left hand + comping


  • The Beatles — All My Loving (variation #2)
    • LH: broken 10ths (alternating ascending & descending)
    • Chromatic side-slipping (found in Dan Harle’s Jazz Improvisation for Keyboard Players)
    • Gershwin reversed stride bass
    • RH: arpeggiated shells, voice leading

Next time focus

  • Locrian + Mixolydian week
  • Try chromatic side-slipping in right hand as well
  • Back to embellished ii — V — i’s
  • Next left hand pattern
  • Scale dissection over permutations — attempt #2 😄

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