Piano day (2h)

  • Improv + scale studies
    • 2-octave Phrygian scales in all keys
      • With both hands
      • In harmonic thirds in RH + roots in LH
      • In harmonic thirds + 1-5 shells in LH
    • Applying Phrygian scales to minor chords (around the cycle of 4ths)
  • Voicings
    • Chromatic side-slipping (moving all chord tones one semitone above or below and back to add tension) — Lesson 8 from “Improvisation for Keyboard Players”
  • Left hand + technique / speed
    • Intervallic patterns
      • 1-5-10 (m & M)
      • 1-5-4
  • Interpreting pop tunes
    • Damon Albarn — Hostiles (verse)
      • Intervallic patterns (10ths)
      • Inversions
      • Voice leading (switching shells in RH)

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