Piano day (2h)

  • Improv / scales study
    • Locrian 2-octave scales in all keys with two hands
    • Locrian improv is all keys (over m7b5 around the cycle in iReal)
    • Aeolian scales in all keys
    • Aeolian improv (same approach)
    • Minor blues: quick recap in C thru Eb
  • Voicings + modal
    • Cycling Mixolydian ii — v over I7 in all keys
    • Cycling Mixolydian IVmaj7 — v over I7 in all keys
  • Left hand
    • Intervallic patterns
      • Cycling broken tenths (1-5-10) in m & M
      • Cycling 1-5-10 + 5-6 in m & M

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