Piano day (2h)

  • Technical
    • A Dozen A Day
      • “Stretching”
      • “Going Down Stairs”
      • “Flinging Arms” in all keys
      • “The Push-Up”
  • Modal studies + left hand
    • 2-octave Mixolydian 7th chord arpeggios in broken 4ths (C7 — Fm7 — BbM7 — EbM7 — Am7b5 — Dm7 — Gm7 — BbM7 — EbM7 — Am7b5 — Dm7 — Gm7 — C7) — LH and RH
    • Harmonising Dorian scale with shells & stride patterns
    • Voice leading, A — B voicings in C Dorian (i — ii: stay in A, i — III: A to B or stay, i — IV7: A to B, i — v: A to B, etc.)
  • Jazz voicings
    • Recap minor to dominant
    • Recap (augmented) dominant to minor
  • Improvisation
    • Major blues scale over dominant chord in all keys
    • Minor blues scale over minor chord in all keys

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