Piano day (1h 40m)

  • Technical
    • Dohannyi: continuing to try out exercises
    • Hanon: back to book 2
    • 7th chord 2-octave arpeggios: all keys, LH
  • Modal studies
    • Harmonising Mixo with shells in RH & 2-octave stride patterns in LH


Although Dohannyi looked cool at first, it turned out to be a little too complex for me. Also diminished-based exercises are really very “classical music-y”, and that’s not exactly what I’m going for. Playing that kind of stuff only makes you realise how much you suck in comparison with classical pianists. My goal is essentially¬†jazz comping and more freedom in left hand patterns, so I might not need to go in this direction. This is why I picked up Hanon book 2 again that I put to the side back in 2017, and I must say it felt just right now. So I’ll stick to it for a while and go back to my voicing studies.

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