Bass day (2h)

  • Walking bass lines / chord tones
    • Major 7th chords around the cycle of 4ths in all inversions, permutations used:
      • 1-3-5-7
      • 3-1-5-7
      • 5-1-3-7
      • 7-1-3-5
    • Walking with permutations & inversions
      • A Beautiful Friendship in Eb
  • Rhythmic studies
    • Riff from “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”
      • Starting on 1-e-&-a (original version)
      • Starting on 1-e-&-a (moved 1 1/16 forward)


This exercise with taking the riff and moving it in 16th notes? Dude, it’s genius. It’s mind-boggling, but once you get it right, it makes you groove like crazy! Thanks Mr. Brown, sir!

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