Bass day (1h 30m)

  • Walking bass lines
    • Improvisation with emphasis on chromaticisms over “Airegin” and “All The Things You Are”
  • Groove techniques
    • Rich Brown exercise: shifting one pattern in 16th notes (I only managed to do starting on 1, on e and on a)


I definitely need to do more counting practice. I’m very used to feeling things, but when it comes to rhythmically shifting whole phrases within one bar, that’s when it starts to play tricks on your brain, and what you’re “feeling” is rather what you’re most comfortable with, but often not what’s rhythmically correct. Like, you might switch the beginning of the phrase, but — without being aware of it — still play the rest the same because it feels right. But it’s not! 😄 So, counting using 16th notes is really essential here. It’s tough, but becomes extremely fun when you get it sorted!

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