Piano day (2h)

  • Jazz voicings
    • Dominant to major in 2 versions
    • Dominant to minor in 2 versions (recap)
    • Minor to dominant in 2 versions (recap)
    • Cycling all 7ths chords in 7-3-5 to 3-7-9 and backwards at 120bpm
  • Improvisation
    • Blues scale in all keys + minor chords in shell voicing (without voice leading) in LH
    • Mixolydian scale in all keys + dominant chords in shell voicing in LH
    • Dorian scale in all keys + minor chords
    • Mixing Dorian and blues over minor chords

Next time focus: II — V — I — VIs, try nine tone scales in a couple of keys, back to Hm modes, add voice leading to LH pattern while improvising. Optional: pick a lick from “Tons of Runs” and run in a couple of keys

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