Bass day (1h)

  • Chords
    • Recap all 7th chords shapes in open & closed voicings (harmonising C, G & D scales)
    • Cycle of 4ths transitions: minor to dominant, major to dominant
    • Playing along to Autumn Leaves
    • Triads


It’s really cool that I came to the chords course already being (semi-) familiar with mixed / shell voicings that I’ve been practicing on piano! So, for example, when Scott says, it’s a 3-octave-below-1-7 or a 7-3-5, I’m not confused at all, because I already got them under my fingers on keyboard! Also, I found it really helpful to practice transitions between different types of chords on bass in 4ths — just like I do on piano — e. g. Cmaj7 to F7 to Bbmaj7 to Eb7 to Abmaj7, etc. Then minor to dominant, then minor to major, and so on. Cycle of fourths rocks! (Or shall I say JAZZ?)

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