Piano day (2h 10m)

  • Voicing skills
    • II — V — Is in major + relative minor (all keys, no stops, with click)
    • Dominant to major (7-3-6 to 3-7-9)
    • Dominant to major (3-7-9 to 7-3-5)
    • Recap all minor to dominant (7-3-5 to 3-7-9 and 3-7-9 to 7-3-6)
    • Recap (real quick) cycling major 7ths, minor 7ths and dominant
  • Improvisation
    • Major & minor 12-bar blues in C, F and — unexpectedly — C#- (just because I needed to play some brain games again :lol:)
    • Trying iv — i — vib5 — iib5 in 3-5-7-9 — 7-9-3-5 — 7-1-3-b5 — 3-b5-7-9 transition in several keys (damn it’s hard, and I didn’t even get to keys like Bb-, lol)

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