Piano day (1h 30m)

  • Blues pentatonic scale in C- & F- in RH over 12-bar blues chord progression in LH
    • 2 octaves ↑, 2 octaves ↓, 1 octave ↑, 1 octave ↓ x 2 + fills
    • 1 — 6, 1 — 5, 1 — 4, 1 — 3 on i & iv, scale on iiº & V7
  • Cycle progressions in shell voicings (Dan Haerle) — Minor to Dominant
    • Skills 37c & 37d without click, then at 60bpm
    • Skills 37a & 37b at 84bpm


Slowing down almost to the point where it feels ridiculous actually helps get to the desired speed much quicker! Weird, but that’s so true. Play the figure 5 times super slow, then turn the click on, and suddenly you are able to play it perfectly in time! (As opposed to just endlessly trying to do it at higher tempos.)

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