Piano day (1h 30m)

  • Comping polychordal exercise / Blues in C from Dan Haerle book (skill 73a)
    • Tried to play with original fourthy  voicings in RH, but it was too overwhelming combined with LH voicings
    • In time at 84bpm with block voicings in RH
  • Harmonising Dorian scale (pattern: i — VII, i — viº, i — v, etc.) at 72bpm
  • Diminished arpeggios recap (only Cº7 shapes)


Things NOT to do: try to change routine in the middle of a practice session. Because polychordal exercise was exhausting, I thought why wouldn’t I play me some diminished arpeggios, started to do that, realised that fingering was screwed up I haven’t practised them for a while, started looking for my fingering chart, got even more frustrated, kinda lost the fun. So, no throwing in unplanned things when already playing!

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