Bass day (1h)

  • Scale studies / piano catch-up / vocabulary
    • Minor blues scale starting with low b7 in all keys
    • Major blues scale (same)
    • Lydian pentatonic (same)
  • Walking bass
    • Applying pentatonics (major & minor blues for 7 & m7 chords respectively, Lyd pentatonic for maj7) to a jazz standard
    • When not able to find passing chord scale quick enough, playing a 2nd inversion (from root down, easy, right?)
    • “Scale permutations” — i. e. starting on minor blues on b7 or playing from 5th down when connecting chords
  • Reading melodies
    • A Night In Tunisia (several times, no click)

Bass day (1h 30m)

  • Walking bass / chord tones
    • 1-* & 3-* permutations of root inversion & 1st inversion (harmonising C Mixolydian)
    • Applying over All of Me in G-
  • Piano routine sync
    • Minor blues scale “inversions” (starting on 1 and running octave up, b3 and up to b3 octave above, same from 4, from #4, etc.) — in all keys cycling in 4ths
  • Chords
    • Triads recap
    • 7th chords 1st inversion w/o 5th